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About the software
Pyreb is a wxPython GUI to the re python module; it will speed up the development of Python regular expression (similar to PCRE).
The GUI is simple and features 3 parts: When one of the two textboxes change the regex is compiled and applied. Errors in the regex are shown in a statusbar.
Pyreb ships with a simple XMLRPC server that can be used to control pyreb from an external application. It must be started using the
Tools/Start XMLRPC Server
menu item. The XMLRPC server understands 4 methods: The first two get/set the text in the uppermost section; the last two get/set the regex in the medium section. Once the text/regex is set the match is recalculated and shown, as it would happen in interactive usage. The set methods return the text previously stored in the control.
A sample session:
  1. >>> import xmlrpclib
  2. >>> a = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://localhost:17787")
  3. >>> a.system.listMethods()
    ['Pyreb.getRegex', 'Pyreb.getText', 'Pyreb.setRegex', 'Pyreb.setText', 'system.listMethods', 'system.methodHelp', 'system.methodSignature']
  4. >>> a.Pyreb.setText("abc")
  5. >>> a.Pyreb.getText()
  6. >>> a.Pyreb.setRegex('a?(bc){1,}')
These commands set the text 'abc' in the "Text to analyze" edit box, the regex in the "Regex to apply" edit box and recomputes the match, shown in the lower "Results" tree.

Pyreb is somewhat similar to Activestate RX Toolkit (part of Komodo IDE), but is a completely different project.
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Requirements (between braces, in bold, are tested versions)
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Download and Project Page
From the
Savannah download page you can access both releases and GPG signatures. Or you can access the release directly, following the links below. Pyreb project page is located at
Pyreb is also available from the Python Cheese Shop:
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Current version is 0.1.6
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Although in early stage of development the interactive part is mostly usable. Bugs will creep up, even if I claim I develop high quality software, and everyone is encouraged to report or (better :-) fix them.
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